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You should read and agree on Terms of Service before using our service ("atqed.com", "AtQED", "@QED"). The terms are effective over all the subdomains of atqed.com and atqed.com.

AtQED collects your inputs

We collect words you input in the search form to improve user experience and research what users want to know. If you input 243879, AtQED calculates the divisors of 243879 and save those numbers and calculating processes in the databases. If you search 243879 again, AtQED provides the results stored in the database to save our server resources.

Don't input the private information such as people's addresses, financial data (card number, bank account, etc)


You are prohibited from:


Our services are provided on an AS IS – WITH ALL FAULTS basis. We do not guarantee the availability and scientific reliability at any given time. AtQED project started in September 2020 and we have been improving the application and data accuracy.


Shinichiro Sakamoto (founder of AtQED, atqed.com) has all the properties of the programs, architecture of application, rights of articles in this website. You must not copy those properties for the commercial or noncommercial purposes including educations in schools, universities, or other institutions. It is forbidden to distribute our public data.