Convert a text to pascal case online - And the difference of pascal and camel cases

You can convert a sentence to pascal case. A sentence is pascal case if all words are capitalized, that is the first letter of each word is uppercase and other letters are lowercase. Paste a text into the above left form and click the blue triangle button.

get user password
create  some  files
 delete account
  get  current  time

You can input multiple sentences in the form. The leading and trailing spaces in each line are removed and multiple spaces between words are converted to one space. All words in a sentence are capitalized in pascal case: the first letter is converted to uppercase and others to lowercase.

The program uses JavaScript to convert your text so this site con't get or save it. If you input too large data (> 10mb) in the form, there might happens an error.

Pascal Case vs Camel Case

Pascal case and camel case are very similar. "get user name" is converted to "GetUserName" in pascal case but it is converted to "getUserName" in camel case. The only difference is the first word. It is capitalized in pascal case but is not in camel case.

In both cases, there are no spaces between words.

In many programming languages, the class names are often pascal case and the function names are camle case. This page capitalizes abbreviation words (such as UFO and HTML) like common words, i.e. Ufo, Html. But many engineers use uppercase abbreviation words in both pascal and camel cases. For example, "GetHTMLPage" or "getHTMLPage".