Convert a text to capital case - online string converter

You can convert a text to capital case. For example, "This Is Good" is capital case. All the first letters are uppercase and other letters are lowercase. Paste your text into the right form and click the triangle button. You can input several sentences as follows.

convert a string
 Do  you  want  it?
Convert A String
I Am A Bird
Do You Want It?
It Is Danger

The spaces before and after a sentence are removed and the extra spaces in a sentence are automatically removed: multiple spaces betweend words are converted to one space.

Capital Case vs UPPERCASE vs Title Case

If you convert "i have a book" to uppercase, the output is "I HAVE A BOOK". All letters are uppercase. But if you convert to capital case, all the first letters are converted to uppercase but other letters to lowercase.

It's a little difficult to understand the difference of capital case and title case. The sentence in title case is basically capital case but some words are not capitalized. For example, "the", "a", "an", "and" are not capitalized in title case. The below is the conversion in title case.

This is an apple and the car is broken.
This Is an Apple and the Car Is Broken.

This sentence is converted "This Is An Apple And The Car Is Broken." in capital case. So title case can be called the special case of capital case.


If you want to convert the first word to lowercase and other words to capital case with no spaces between words, use Convert text to camelcase.