Privacy Policy

This page is the privacy policy of AtQED ( You should read this page before using our service.

Log data

The web servers log the IP addresses, languages or locations of users to make our service secure but those information are regularly deleted and never used except for refusing fraud accesses, abuses including web scraping. Log data also has users' the types of browsers or accesses timestamp.


Cookies are pieces of data transferred to and stored on your computer (browser, such as Apple Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) containing your visit pages, datetime, and location. Web servers send you not only the HTML page but cookies for your good experience whenever you request the URL. This processes are basic and most websites or applications use cookies so that your browser displays the screen securely and rapidly. For instance, when you visit the shopping site and sign in your account, it sends you some cookies and shows your name or purchase history using them. The site can't show you any information without cookies because there is no evidence that you are truly "you". So cookies are basically needed to use websites.

AtQED uses cookies for those technical reasons but some pages are properly provided without cookies. You can check how to use or delete cookies in each browser.

Google Analytics

AtQED uses Google Analytics to:

Please check the details in Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Information you input in the search form

AtQED collects and stores words you input in the search form to improve our service. The data users' input (except the mathematical values) are not directly used to prevent from recording personal information like names or addresses malicious people input. AtQED is NOT an evil service collecting and selling personal data.

AtQED is a cloud calculator so records all the numbers or equations you input. If you input a certain integer, AtQED record it behind showing the page about the value's characteristics for better performance. If malicious users input the data suggesting the particular personal information, AtQED doesn't record anything about it.