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Minimum online calculator: Calculate the minimum value of integers, decimals and fractions

To find the minimum value of numbers, please input the min and them in the form next to site logo. Here is the result of inputting min 4, 5, 6.

Min of 4, 5, 6

The min word is a command used in this site calculating the minimum of numbers and showing the output in the screen. All numbers should be separated by a comma.

You can input decimals, fractions, negative values such as -3.1, 12/5, -100/3. This calculator simplifies all expressions to integers or floating point values before comparing numbers.

Minimum of decimals, fractions, negative values

-100/3 is about -33.3 and it's the smallest number of them.

Compare numbers and expressions

The next example shows how to compare decimals and expressions. Use the radian unit instead of degree for trigonometric functions.

Min of expressions

The pi means "pi" (3.14...) and tan(pi/4) is exactly equal to 1 so the minimum of numbers is 1. Single and double asterisks mean multiplication and exponent respectively.

This calculator can't compare expressions that can't be simplified to numbers. For example, sin(2) can't be simplified to an integer, decimal or fraction so the output may be incorrect if you input a non-algebraic expression or substitute an irrational number.

Min of expressions

Even though sin(2) is the smallest value in those numbers, the program outputs 3 as a minimum value.