Gamma function online calculator

You can calculate the Gamma function of given numbers using the gamma command as follows.

The gamma word works as a command to calculate the Gamma function and all numbers are separated by a space. In the above example, the calculator calculates the arccosines of 0.5, 2, 5, 12.3.

Gamma function definition

The Gamma function is defined as follows.

\[ \Gamma( n ) = (n - 1)! \quad (n \in \mathbb{N} ) \\~\\ \Gamma( x ) = \int ^{\infty} _{0} { t^{x-1} e^{-t} dt } \]

The Gamma function is basically the factorial function. We can see it as the extension of the factorial function in real numbers.

The properties Gamma function

\[ \Gamma( x+1 ) = x \Gamma( x ) \]