Floor calculator: Calculate the greatest integer less then a number

The floor function outputs the greatest integer less than a given number if it's not an integer or outputs the same value as it if it's an integer. The floor of 3.1 is 3 because 3 is the greatest integer less than 3.1. This article shows how to calculate the floor of a given number.

To use the floor function, input the floor command and numbers like floor 3.1 in the header form and press the enter key.

The floor function

The number you input is in green and the output number is in red. This online calculator can calculate multiple floor values at one time if you input several arguments in the form like this.

Several fractions

In that example, the command takes four positive or negative numbers. All arguments are in green and outputs are in red. As you see, the floor of integers are the same as themselves. If the original value is positive or 0, the floor of it is equal to the integer part of it. If the given value is negative, the floor of it is equal to the value of the integer part of it subtracted by one.