Change the placement of x/y axis title

You can change the placement of x axis title by setting x_axis_title_position in the options form (above right). There are two options: top, bottom. If it is top, the x axis title is placed on the top. The default is bottom.



x_axis_title_position = top

You don't need to set x_axis_title_position option and the below setting is valid.

x_axis_title_position =

In this case, x axis title is automatically placed on the top. Above examples use the following sales data.

Mon 23
Tue 56
Wed 41
Thu 76
Fri 89

Change the placement of y axis title

x_axis_title_position = top
y_axis_title_position = right

y_axis_title_position sets the placement of y axis title and there are two options: left, right. The default is left. In the above case, it is placed on the right.

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