Hyperbolic arc tangent online calculator (inverse hyperbolic tangent)

You can calculate the hyperbolic arc tangent (inverse hyperbolic tangent) of a given number to input the atanh word and numbers in the above form as follows.

In the above example, the calculator shows the hyperbolic arc tangents of -0.7, 0, 0.7, 0.999999. The atanh word works as a command to calculate the hyperbolic arc tangent. All numbers you input should be separated by one space.

Let's input atanh and numbers in the above form!

Error handling

The hyperbolic arc cosine function is the inverse of hyperbolic tangent so the domain of hyperbolic arc tangent is $(-1,\ 1)$. If you input a number that is smaller than (or equal to) -1 or bigger than (or equal to) 1, the calculator skips.

In this case, -5, 1, 777 are not in the function's domain. The calculator returns only the atanh() of 0.3 and -0.9999.