AtQED is a cloud calculator and data analytics service for mainly math and science research. AtQED (or @QED) project started in September 2020 with founder's vision that the resources of calculations and analyzing data will be in the cloud computing.

From cooking cakes to predicting tomorrow weather, our life and society need some calculations. We can calculate the salt density with a simple calculator but developers or researchers may request more advanced tools that can calculate the inverse matrix, integral of trigonometric functions, the standard deviation of thousand data. AtQED is well suited for those purposes and now updating everyday for giving all the people and institutions the best cloud type calculator.

Why does AtQED develop only cloud type?

The founder of AtQED was a programmer and had developed the free dictionary based on Wikipedia articles using machine learning. Because the project needed too much resources and Mac PC with 8GB memory couldn't meet the development environment, he contracted Amazon web service and launched the 64GB memory cloud computing and made Python virtual environment in it. Furthermore, this cloud computer should be connected securely to MySQL database servers and be stopped regularly to save cost. The time and money involved in these steps were not needed if the cloud calculators existed.

AtQED saves time and money of researchers who want to use temporarily the cloud computing in the low cost (free now). AtQED directly gives you the answer or data of calculations including analyzing and predicting in large scale.

Why does this website have the social or economic data such as world population?

The goal of AtQED is to give you the data. Even if you don't have enough the economical data for predicting the future GDP, AtQED will be able to complement and calculate what you want with AtQED's data background. The more complex customers' calculations are, the more data AtQED should have. To give you the best stock portfolio by the particular industry you input (such as "software"), AtQED should have all the historical stock prices, market shares of companies, all CEOs backgrounds, major funds tendencies, and macro economical and financial data.

Calculations need data. This principle make AtQED get and update the social, economical, scientific data everyday.

Is it free?

Yes. Because AtQED have just started and now be developed with the rapid pace, it hasn't yet have enough functions. So it is free now. The part of calculations and data will be accessed with private API in 2021 spring and at that time AtQED may charge you. But free now.